Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It really hits home...

I've heard, read, and even told numerous people myself that the inevitable effects of traveling and immersing yourself in a new culture is the unavoidable change of perspective when looking at world news. The events in Egypt this past week have hit incredibly close to home. Literally. filling the streets I know so well with thousands of protesters.

I have been contacted by countless concerned friends and family... some of whom were just hoping I was actually in Iowa and not back in Egypt... I am very thankful to be here...though, at the same time, can't believe i'm *not* there... There were several UNI students working and student teaching in Cairo just as these events unfolded... I certainly can't begin to comprehend the confusion of arriving just weeks before everything broke loose. My heart breaks for them though....... because they are going to be leaving with such a traumatized view of Egypt. I fully support the Egyptian people in their fight for fair democracy. It was no secret even while I was there that the people were extremely unhappy with their president, but even I have to admit I was shocked with the rest of the world when these protests unfolded. It's really mind-blowing to see these protests actually come to fruition, but I am truly proud of the people of Egypt this week. The violence and danger that have started to come about as side effects of this attempt at peaceful protest break my heart... and the difficulty in communicating with loved ones in Egypt too leaves me worried and uneasy most days and nights. The nice thing about not having a full time job/obligation at the moment is that I have been able to keep up on news reports and have been able to fill my time making calls in rounds to friends and family both at CAC and in the Cairo Community. My skype bills will be astronomical this month as internet is still blocked (no facebook, email, Egyptian based websites) but thankfully I can call cell phones through my computer still... All reports indicate safety for the people I know, but stray bullets have had some near scares. The overall moral of my american friends in Egypt is that there is no urgency to leave, rather just to hold down the fort and pray for normalcy to return to the country soon. My Egyptian friends are proud and are uniting with the entire country to stand up for their rights and protect their families in this time of teetering chaos.

I urge you to stay posted, and not let this slip from your mind. Keep reading, check CNN and Al Jazeera for updates if you're curious... and most importantly.. hold the people of Egypt and the chance for revolution in your prayers. Big things are happening. this is history happening in front of us. Let us pray for peace...

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