Saturday, September 11, 2010

Aywa (yes)

Sounds a lot like "Iowa" which makes explaining myself in the little arabic I've learned even more challenging sometimes...

Thursday night marked the end of Ramadan/beginning of the Eid feast holiday. I took Danielle (a new teacher at another school I met last weekend on Road 9) on a walk to show her the lanterns one last time :( and then we ended up back at Hani's shop for some tea. Hani has a store close by my house, and has become a good friend who is teaching me Arabic little by little. He ended up inviting me to come along with Hamad to sit on the bridge over the Nile (which I found is a very popular social gathering place at 1am) where we drank tea, ate Hummus soup (I poured all of the spices into mine to begin to build up a tolerance for the competition Hani says will come some day soon in which we will see who can handle the hottest soup). It was incredibly wonderful weather, there was a strong breeze (my eyes were still dry the next day) and it was actually very peaceful looking out at Dahab Island (when you learned to tune out the noisy traffic 4 feet behind you). We went to Giza after that, where we picked up some furniture to take back to Maadi from Hani's sister. Consequently... I spent my Eid holiday sleeping all day Friday..

Ramadan is over, we have a long weekend for the Eid holiday. I feel entirely purpose-less and stuck in Maadi. Plans A, B, and C were to travel outside of Cairo with friends, but long story short none worked out and since I did not make a plan D, I'm finding myself wasting away the weekend...maybe I'll go back for another Arabic lesson...

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