Friday, September 24, 2010

Alexandria, take two

Last weekend my cooperating teacher, Joan, invited me to join her and Naglaa, another CAC art faculty in Alexandria for the weekend. A girls weekend getaway. On a beach. Yes please!

This trip back to Alex was a little different in that I got to see more of the city,

and spend more time exploring it (I went on a fascinating 2 hour walk that night and was able to talk to many locals-some by choice some not so much)...You know me, I love being in and with the people. We went to the library,

the royal jewelry museum, an amazing balady fish resturant,

watched the sunset at the fortress,

drank tons of tea, and stopped at every "authentically" egypt opportunity for food or drink on the way home (extending a 2 hour drive yet again to nearly 5)...

My favorite part of the weekend hands down was the trip to the library. Besides being an absolutely stunning aesthetically pleasing building, full of books, there is a printmaking museum/display of sorts right when you walk in, and there is incredible art. EVERYWHERE.

I even met a french artist working on a collage installation of a huge mural using recycled books to paint a french scene in the lower level of the library----exactly the kind of project im working on with my students in mixed media, I showed them the pictures and they were all awestruck to see what they are doing relate to the world around them in such a direct way...

Fantastic, exhausting, stimulating weekend away :)

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