Friday, October 29, 2010

slow and steady wins the race

So my body won the battle yet again in my life and I spent the last week sleeping off an exhaustion throat-infection sickness. Guess I really can't run on full speed and expect to finish without a crash. Thank goodness for wonderful Egyptian friends bringing flowers and local antibiotics that actually worked...

I finally visited the Egyptian Museum last week-Incredible. We weren't "allowed" to take cameras inside, but I snuck in Premie and got a few shots and was shocked at how many camera clicks I heard and saw left and right. I really can't describe the feeling of walking into that overwhelmingly HUGE museum of egyptian artifacts... Hello Ramses and King Tut... what's up?

I feel as though I've hit that peak point in a roller coaster ride after you've been climbing and climbing and the nerves and excitement are building because you know any minute you're going to plunge down a breathtaking slope and hold on for dear life until the finish line. The month of November is upon me and I'm pretty sure the next time I sneeze or blink it will be over.

It's a month of traveling, and slowing transitioning out of my classes and spending more time in observation around other classes at CAC. The first trimester ends this week, I had my last classes with my beloved mixed media and exploratory groups yesterday... I know those mixed media kids will forever be in a special place in my heart as my first students... Boy did we have a good -tri-mester.

This month marks the beginning of a busy traveling schedule. I leave for the white desert at 5am on Monday with the 8th grade class for the middle school prime trip. No showers, stunning scenary, and plenty of hiking and bonding for 4 days. Should be an adventure :)

Soon after that follows the week long Eid break in which I'll be traveling to Luxor and Aswan, as well as visiting the beaches of Dahab on the Red Sea. Thanksgiving weekend will sum up some traveling with a trip to upper Egypt with Joan to visit her in laws in Minia and Malawi.

Before you know it, December will be here and I'll be 23. Time sure does fly when you're having fun. Look forward to incredible pictures and memorable stories from the road this month.


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