Saturday, October 2, 2010

2 Months.

So I have officially been in Egypt for 2 months now. It's incredible to think that it's the same amount of time I spent each summer in Chile.. and how I am far from ready to leave this place yet. I'm sitting here thinking, these next few 2.75 months (it's not a full 3, ask my dad), are going to FLY by. So far, I've done an incredible job of seeing the sights and keeping busy BUSY BUSY outside of school. I've met some really wonderful people, and seen enough to satisfy me for a long time... but.. that's not saying I'm throwing in the sightseeing and culture absorbing towel in by any means :)

Highlights this week:

TGIT (thank goodness it's Thursday) School wide social after classes ended last Thursday. The Elementary, Middle School, and High School principals live in the top three floors of an appartment building and the faculty migrated from flat to flat enjoying yummy food and drink and a chance to relax off the long week.

Met some AUC (American University of Cairo) and hung out with them in Zamalek

Went to the Cairo Tower on Sunday night, wonderful view of the whole city. (Though I experienced the staggering price difference between residents, 20LE and nonresidents 70LE...ohwell).

Dinner at the Mockrish's house on Wed night for Jessie's birthday (even though she's in PA)

Spent Thursday this week with Esraa (an art student in Zamalek) at the Museum of Modern Art (cooool!) and walking all over the area eating good food and visiting smaller art galleries.

Went to the Citadel with Danielle on Friday for the afternoon.

Currently trying to refocus my mind into Miss Martens Mode.

oh. and. as if that wasn't a great enough week, I'm going to my FIRST EGYPTIAN FOOTBALL GAME TOMORROW NIGHT!!! *can't wait*

Ok. Lesson Plan/Teacher Work Sample Time. and. ready. set... hm. a cup of tea sounds nice first. (oh dear).

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