Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Be where you are otherwise you will miss your life"

..who else but Buddah would be so wise. (thank you Amanda Carls for bring that quote to my life)

I am really getting into being where I am, living in this moment-seems to be the theme of the lives myself and many of my friends these days. Skyping and thinking about home less (sorry loved ones), diving into local culture and exploration more and more. Last night I went to meet a new friend from church in downtown Cairo. After missing my metro stop, but about 10 stops, it took me over an hour to go 20 minutes from where I live. Oh, life's little adventures :) Chris and I explored the local markets and my mind and eyes raced from one insanely small jam packed shop to another. Local vendors claiming to have "just what you are looking for" and everything "for your smile, free!". I didn't buy anything... yet... it's going to take some processing what I can fit/hold/afford to bring back with me. But this was certainly the first of many market excursions...

Today I decided to fast for the first time in my life. I've attempted to respect the traditions of Ramadan in Iowa with my muslim friends by fasting-sort of.. but I always drank liquids. Today I did not eat any food or drink any water. It was 110F today. Great day to pick to start this practice. I doubt I'll pull through on a daily basis, but I am very pleased that I was able to and my mind did clear away things today that had needed to be cleared aside... Water has never tasted so good as it did when the megaphones transmitted the call to break the fast at Iftar around 6:40...I downed 32oz bottle of water in a flash. The lanterns will never get old. They put Christmas lights to shame. New mission: climb lantern tree in the little midan I found my first week here; tangent mission, get a hammock to enjoy in Cairo.

More on my classroom in the next day or so. Week one is off to a great start. I absolutely love the middle school kids... I taught E Block printmaking this morning- 1hour and 25 minutes all on my own with high schoolers. I must say it went quite well... I was relieved. Fingers crossed this is a trend that continues... Below are a few simple shots in the classroom with the kids for a sneak peak, but I'm taking my cameras to school tomorrow and Thursday to collect photos for the back to school art room slideshow we're making for Tuesday next week.

All for now. Ramadan Mubarek...

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