Thursday, August 5, 2010

I haven't quite figured out exactly where I am in Maadi... I decided to go for a walk this evening. I set out equipped with my handy dandy book of maps, my cell phone, my arabic cheat sheet, and less than ideal sandals...and 2 hours, lots of wrong turns later, I showered off all the dirt and grime I had collected on the streets. I made my way to road nine, a big shopping district where you can get on the subway system that runs all throughout Cairo. At one point, I ran into the same darling little park in the center of a midan (roundabout) with lit up lanterns in the trees. Getting lost isn't all bad. I am getting really darn good at Arabic numbers now, and I quite enjoyed the little park I found (too bad I don't remember how to get back to it.. yet).

(PS--for those of you worried about the fact this photo was taken at night, the streets are actually really incredibly safe and I asked around the school to make sure it would be alright...just have to use common street smarts about you as you would anywhere..)

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  1. If you keep getting incredible shots like this, you will make all of us want to come visit!