Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I love hearing a familiar cell phone ringtone in Maadi reminds me of home, and reminds me of how truly small this world is.

First impressions of the city/people:
dirty <but beautiful> city, there is certainly a very distinct Cairo smell.....probably not one most people would consider making into a cologne..though, I have noticed an increase of wonderful strong smelling colognes in my travels (probably a cause/effect situation)-especially in the airports

I love the walk from my apartment to the school.. it's short, easy (I haven't even gotten lost!)... there is a picture perfect truck loaded with hand woven baskets signaling my turn down a street with soo many beautiful trees lining the sides, and I pass by a friendly older gentleman who lives two buildings down who is always out reading his paper and says hello without fail.

I can get by without Arabic, but it's paining me to speak English constantly so I'm going to see what I can do about using more Arabic.

This city feels like an iceberg at the moment (in the sense that I have only seen a tiiiiiiny portion of the city but I know it's a masssssive beast once I get past my neighborhood of Maadi, NOT due to the temperatures.. it's HOT.)

Showering at least twice a day is mandatory now.. that's an adjustment to say the least
CAC (my school), is going to be an AMAZING place to student teach. I feel that overused adjective simply does not do it justice; the quality of teachers, the level of work ethic and dedication to being on the leading edge of education in the classroom is unlike anything I have ever seen..

they have opened their eyes to me and embraced me like family :)
Mr. Michael Popinchalk, my principal and supervisor, met me at the airport with a hug, a sun hat, and personal attendants that lead me around all the lines; I didnt have to wait for a visa or go through customs..
Penny (the teacher graciously allowing me to live with her) really is truly supplying my every need right now and treating me like a mother would...
Hoda, the secretary in the middle school and "the lady to know" said when she saw me, you have been here before, I feel like I already know you, you are just like my daughter already
EVERYONE knows who I am."oh, you're AMY!!! I heard about your flight, poor thing, welcome to CAC!"
the old man two buildings down, just cant tell you enough how precious he is...
Met one of my cooperating teachers and his wife, and they immediately insisted I join them for dinner at their house

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