Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Class of 2010 more ways than one....

Part of my welcoming package at CAC was a monogrammed class of 2010 polo. In CAC, incoming teachers come in classes, just as we consider the peers we graduate with in the US. The incoming classes form tight bonds through this orientation process, and though much of what I am absorbing is not fully processed, the group has been exceptionally wonderful about considering me part of their group. So I'm part of the class of 2010 at UNI and CAC. These people are so insanely fascinating, my travels are put *to*shame* just introducing myself to them. I am spending time with people an average of 10 years my senior and married who have lived in 5+ countries, been there and done the Peace Corps, know what it is to transplant their family every 2-5 years in a country speaking a new foreign language... They come to Cairo, CAC provides fully furnished housing, and spend their first week buying appliances, hiring maids, settings up cell phones and establishing bank accounts. They probably think I am really quiet and untalkative as all I can seem to do is sit and soak in their stories, occasionally interjecting questions in a wonderstruck voice.
I got to spend time with Neil Crouch today, he will be my cooperating teacher for the second half of my placement, in the high school. He has already returned to school and is busy cleaning the dust from the art in his room and display cases. This is Neil's fifth year at CAC, and I learned today that he is one of SEVEN art teachers (k12). I knew this school had a good art program, but honestly, 7 teachers? This is going to be great! He and I had a good chat this afternoon, and hung a piece of artwork on main campus. Campus is currently under major construction; I'll set out to take photos tomorrow to give you a feel for my school grounds, but lets just say it's a great experience to be able to hang art outside; without fear of snow or rain damage.

I ate at Fusion resturant on the Nile tonight at sunset. I'm headed to the Pyramids this weekend and a falucca ride on the river. Pinch me. I can't believe this is real :)

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