Sunday, August 8, 2010

on your marks, get set,


"Sabaah Ilhxeer! Ana ismi Amy Martens, and that is how much arabic I've learned in Cairo this first week. I'm from the States, in Iowa, Bridges of Madison County anyone? Yup, that's my hometown. I'll be student teaching at CAC this semester, working with Joan Knox and Neil Crouch in MS/HS Art. When things are going well in life I like to say I'm blessed beyond belief and that is very much how I feel at this moment. Very glad to be here!"

That is more or less how I introduced myself this morning along with all of the new teachers in front of the auditorium at CAC during our first all faculty meeting. Seriously can not even put words together for how incredibly this placement is working out thus far. I get along with my two cooperating teachers, as well as all of the other art teachers, faculty and staff working at CAC this year unimaginably well. Joan and I really do seem to be two peas in a pod, which may be dangerous...
Lesson plan ideas are literally spilling out of my head at the moment, I'm adjusting my plans to fit the incredible annual budget of *thousands* of dollars in *each* classroom (aka I don't have to worry as much about lack of resources). A little different perspective and supply base than my days at Longfellow in Waterloo. Class starts one week from today, next Sunday... Here goes nothing!
View of CAC from the top of the Administrative building. The elementary to the right, health building across the way, art building back in the forest of trees on the left... more photos to come.. too tired and too much to process at the moment :) Mas salama!

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  1. My dearest little sister! I can't tell you how happy I am to hear all about your experiences. I know how you are, and I am sure that you are glowing right now. I can't wait to hear more and will be praying for you my dear.

    Love you!