Saturday, August 7, 2010

The pyramids sure are great...

... I'll have to go back another day to take my time and explore and maybe get on a camel and see the museum, but this morning we went out honestly for a few photo opps... sporting my purple polo and khakis completely intentionally... miss my fellow panthers....

Tomorrow all of staff returns, today was the last day of new faculty orientation. What a blessing this week has been, time to adjust, settle in (at least the baggage I have), get my bearings, and most importantly, get to know the other new staff members. We have one week now of planning and preparing in our classrooms before the students come next Sunday, Aug 15 for the first day of school. Ramadan starts Wednesday this week as well, that should be an eye opening experience.

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  1. Amy- I LOVE this photo! Hope you don't mind but I forwarded it to UNI Marketing and PR. : )