Saturday, August 28, 2010

Booton Asir

Means orange juice in arabic. I'm slowly but surely making progress...

Another weekend in Maadi. Another series of lovely scenes captured through my lens. An exhaustion cold threatened to consume my body yesterday, I'm going to have to work a little harder on resting a little bit more. Week three starts tomorrow. This week my after school art club starts on Monday as well; Destination Imagination :) I'm going to teach these kids to be explorers of the world around them, Thanks to Miss Jordan Glaser for the inspirational book.

Yes, I still frequently visit the midan with the Ramadan lanterns glowing so beautifully at night. It never gets old. (Though I learned not to climb them after I found giant ants one night up in the branches and my friends expressed shock at my climbing the tree saying I'd be arrested because someone would think I was stealing the lanterns haha). I think I'll feel lost once this season ends in September. On the right is the overhead view of the ferry landing and passengers shuffling on and off as they ride to and from home and work on opposite sides of the Nile.

Today I went on an adventure with Penny and a few of the other teachers at CAC. We explored parts of Old Cairo and visited the Street of the Tentmakers (Sharia al Khiyamiya). These are probably the oldest streets I have ever (or will ever) walked on in my entire life. They are filled with vendors of tapestries, Ramadan lanterns, and any other textile or metalworking you can imagine. While the initial views caught my breath in their beauty, I quickly recovered my senses and joined in on a very successful shopping spree. After all, one can never have too many purses...

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